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How to protect your financial assets during a divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved. Emotions are often hard to manage, stress levels are elevated, and that’s true even if the dissolution of the relationship is reasonably amicable. Still, there is no guarantee of a friendly breakup. And even if things start out on congenial terms, the atmosphere often becomes hostile when it’s time to sort out asset distribution, alimony, and matters related to children – support, custody, and visitation.

A divorce is not just the end of a human partnership. It is also the end of a financial one. And you and your partner may be worlds apart when it comes to sorting out the details. So it’s wise to take the necessary steps to protect your assets during a divorce. What can you do to safeguard yourself financially?

Driver and passenger face drunk driving charges after accident

Tennessee is one of the strictest states when it comes to dealing with impaired drivers. Drunk driving penalties are harsh, and law enforcement officers takes seriously their duty to prevent innocent drivers from becoming victims of DUI accidents. After being involved in an accident, if a driver has a DUI attached to any other charges, that driver may face an uncertain future. Additionally, there are situations where a passenger may share that uncertainty.

A recent accident involving a police officer resulted in a DUI arrest for both a driver and his passenger. Around 6:30 one evening, the 44-year-old driver of an SUV allegedly crossed the center line and collided head-on with a patrol car. The 31-year-old police officer had been on routine patrol in the area when the accident occurred.

Drug charges for couple accused of intent to distribute

Law enforcement agents understand that those transporting drugs often undertake such risky behavior because they are in desperate situations. Sometimes they may be struggling financially or have a drug addiction of their own to support. Nevertheless, police will likely arrest those trying to bring drugs into Tennessee, and facing drug charges will certainly not help an already difficult situation.

Two people are likely concerned about their futures after police arrested them at the Nashville International Airport. The man and woman arrived from California with three suitcases, and K-9 dogs responded to the potential presence of drugs in the luggage. Undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents apparently observed the man retrieving two of the suitcases and stopped him for questioning. When the woman saw DEA agents approaching the man, she left her suitcase and exited the airport.

Don't let divorce throw a wrench in retirement funding

When a Tennessee couple is considering divorcing, one of the most important aspects of the decision-making process involves the financial ramifications of ending the marriage. For those who are nearing retirement age, this can be an especially difficult decision to make. Most couples plan for retirement under the assumption that they will move through their later years as a unit, helping to support and care for each other. When a divorce occurs, those plans are suddenly shattered, and both spouses have to approach their retirement planning as individuals.

The first step that a divorcing spouse must make is to alter the manner in which he or she envisions retirement. That involves approaching the subject from the position of self-sufficiency, without reliance on assistance from a partner. This can be a frightening prospect, but taking a realistic stance on the matter is the best way to create a solid plan for the years ahead.

Tennessee divorce may follow signs in a struggling marriage

Most marriages in Tennessee go through rough times when spouses may find it hard to communicate with each other or strongly disagree on issues that are important to them. Some are able to push through the struggles and emerge on the other side with their relationships intact. Others, however, may wonder when to continue the good fight and when it is time to initiate a divorce.

Some marriage advisors believe there are signs to indicate when a marriage cannot be repaired. For example, while infidelity may not necessarily mean the end of a marriage, when a spouse refuses to give up the extramarital affair, it is likely that he or she is not committed to the other spouse or to their union. That lack of respect can manifest in other ways, too, like when the spouses no longer encourage each other but constantly find fault. A spouse who refuses to change selfish ways or consider the needs of the other may destroy any chances of staying married.

Nervous about your divorce? Mediation may make it easier

The divorce process is never easy. This is true whether you and your spouse have been married for just a few years or you have been married for a few decades. Unfortunately, sometimes divorce is unavoidable due to irreconcilable differences between spouses.

Movies and television often glorify going to battle with a spouse during a divorce, but in reality, going to trial can be extremely stressful and anything but glorious. Fortunately, you and your spouse may be able to take advantage of mediation, an alternative to traditional divorce litigation in a Tennessee court.

Making child custody stress-free for children

Family counselors recommend that divorced parents maintain as much stability for their children as possible. After all, the children are likely already feeling out of sorts with the separation, especially if child custody rulings include traveling frequently between the Tennessee homes of their parents. As difficult as it may be, keeping open and respectful communication with an ex-spouse will be important. Children quickly resent being messengers between their warring parents, and the ability to communicate well with a co-parent may ensure more consistency in parenting styles.

Children may also rely on extended family to help them through the difficult adjustment. This may mean grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins from the ex's side of the family. Excluding those people from the lives of children may eliminate opportunities for the children to express things they may feel uncomfortable saying to their parents.

Drunk driving arrest complicated by presence of a minor

A conviction for DUI may carry penalties that can affect a person's life for years. If the offense is not the driver's first, those penalties may be even more serious. However, facing a drunk driving charge with a minor in the vehicle will certainly lead to enhanced penalties if the driver is convicted. One Tennessee man is facing such a situation after a recent traffic incident.

A witness notified police of a possible road rage incident in which a driver was speeding and possibly attempting to hit another vehicle. After searching for the vehicle, police located it in the parking lot of a local business. The 31-year-old driver allegedly slurred his words when he responded to police questions. Police also reported that the man had red eyes and smelled of alcohol.

Couple faces drug charges after warrantless search of hotel room

When police obtain evidence of a crime, they must abide by laws that protect the rights of the accused. For example, searches of people's property must follow certain procedures, such as obtaining a warrant or the permission of the resident of the premises. Recently, police in Nashville entered a hotel room without a warrant and collected evidence that led to drug charges against the residents.

Tennessee police received a report of an argument occurring at a local hotel, but when they responded, a 21-year-old woman met them and told them everything was fine. Nevertheless, police knocked on the door of the room where the man was staying with whom the woman had supposedly been arguing. When no one answered, police entered the room, apparently because the original call had been for a domestic disturbance.

Drunk driving is only one way to get charged with DUI

In Tennessee, driving while impaired is not limited to offenses related to alcohol. Drunk driving is only one way in which a driver can be considered impaired, however the standards for proving impairment may be questionable no matter what the suspected intoxicant may be. A recent accident involving a pedestrian has one man defending himself against accusations of misusing prescription drugs before driving.

Around 7 p.m. one evening, a 32-year-old man was driving his pickup truck when he failed to negotiate a curve, crossed the center line and drove onto the sidewalk. In trying to regain control of the truck, the driver apparently overcorrected, sending the truck back onto the road and into a tailspin. The truck left the road a second time and crossed the sidewalk, striking a 45-year-old woman who was walking with her family. Both the driver of the truck and the woman were transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

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