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Choosing the right attorney for your divorce

Careful consideration should be taken when selecting a divorce attorney.

The Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz, knows that choosing an attorney is one of the most important decisions people will make in a divorce. People in Knoxville rely on their divorce attorney for counsel, support and guidance during a difficult time and there are many attorneys out there to choose from. Therefore, it is important for people to consider several things before paying that retainer fee.


Experience can be a pretty broad umbrella but it is a good idea for people to choose an attorney who has experience handling their specific type of case, according to Forbes. For example, if people own a business, an attorney who has experience in this area will be better able to advise them of their options to protect that business than an attorney who has never dealt with the matter. Couples who have already agreed on the splitting of property or who can work together will probably want to look for an attorney who is experienced in handling uncontested divorce.

Personal references

Talking with friends, coworkers, employers and family members can help people start their search for an attorney. Personal references can provide information about the attorney that can help people decide if the attorney might be a good fit. This information may include the attorney’s demeanor, level of aggressiveness, knowledge and overall service level. People often have clear opinions of what a good lawyer should be and won’t hesitate to be honest about their own experiences.


One thing that people forget is that they will be working with their attorney on a regular basis and the personality of that attorney and client will have a role in the client’s overall experience. People who are more serious minded will probably want to look for an attorney who is the same focus while people who are looking for sympathy and support will likely want an attorney who is naturally caring in his or her personality.

This is often something that can be evaluated when people meet with an attorney to discuss their case. If they easily connect with the attorney, then that is a good sign that the relationship will be a successful one. However, if people feel disappointed with the interview or are concerned about whether the attorney will really give them what they need, it may be best to keep looking.

Listening/communication skills

Good listening skills are something that must be developed, even in people who are naturally good listeners. Consumer Reports points out the importance of finding an attorney who is going to listen to clients’ concerns. Signs of listening may include the act of the attorney taking notes and taking the time to think about the comments that have been expressed before responding. If people feel that the attorney is not really paying attention to them or giving clear and direct answers, than that attorney is probably not the right fit for them.

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