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May 2017 Archives

Drunk driving conviction no longer means trash pickup

When people consider possible penalties for DUI, most probably think of fines, jail time or license suspension. However, many people in Tennessee may also be aware of the community service that was a mandatory consequence for a drunk driving conviction. This penalty served the two-fold purpose of providing the person convicted with an alternative to jail while fulfilling a need in the community.

DIY divorce may mean years of regret

It seems the recent trend of do-it-yourself television programming and websites has made experts of nearly everyone. Suddenly, people are making home repairs, cooking gourmet meals and offering fashion advice with little more experience than a few hours in front of a screen. However, trusting important matters to online wisdom only goes so far, and people in Tennessee probably know when to call in professional help. For example, do-it-yourself divorces can leave a person dealing with regret.

When life changes, should your child support order also change?

Life is full of unexpected changes and struggles, and sometimes, these things can impact your financial health as well. When significant changes in circumstances make it difficult to live with the terms of your current child support order, it can be a serious concern for you and your Tennessee family, but you do have options.

3 ways to keep child custody discussions from becoming battles

Child custody cases can be some of the most difficult cases in family law. Between the negative feelings parents often have about each other and the fears of losing the relationship with a child, custody cases can leave everyone scared and willing to fight tooth-and-nail for what they want.

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