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DIY divorce may mean years of regret

| May 21, 2017 | Divorce |

It seems the recent trend of do-it-yourself television programming and websites has made experts of nearly everyone. Suddenly, people are making home repairs, cooking gourmet meals and offering fashion advice with little more experience than a few hours in front of a screen. However, trusting important matters to online wisdom only goes so far, and people in Tennessee probably know when to call in professional help. For example, do-it-yourself divorces can leave a person dealing with regret.

When a couple is heading toward divorce, they are embarking on complex legal issues. Making legal mistakes can sometimes result in costly consequences, especially when it comes to dividing assets and debts equitably. A small mistake in paperwork or filing can leave someone with a lifetime of financial harm. An attorney can ensure that papers are completed correctly and according to the client’s wishes, then file those documents in a timely manner.

Having a legal advisor can be crucial in a situation that may become combative. An attorney can provide advice that an online, do-it-yourself website cannot. Additionally, having an attorney means having someone to do the legal work so that one can fully focus on family matters and preparing for a new life after the divorce. This often relieves stress and provides a more positive emotional experience.

Someone facing child custody issues or complex property division may agree that having an attorney is a prudent move. However, even those in Tennessee facing seemingly simple divorces will want to ensure that matters are handled accurately and efficiently. An online or do-it-yourself divorce may not address the issues most crucial to every situation or the laws particular to a couple’s state. Having a compassionate attorney may reduce the anxiety and stress that are common during this painful time in a person’s life.

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