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Attorneys share common reasons for divorce

| Jun 19, 2017 | Divorce |

For decades, researchers who examine marriage breakups have suggested many causes, from money to mothers-in-law. However, attorneys who work daily with couples contemplating divorce offer some intimate details about what they see as the most common reasons why couples split. For many couples in Tennessee, it may boil down to communication.

When a couple is unable to talk about marital issues, such as money, chores or even intimacy, it may be that one or the other spouse does not want to bring that negativity into the open. Even though it may be possible to resolve those issues, couples may take the easy way out and ignore the problem. Unfortunately, those problems often become compounded, and taking the easy way out is suddenly not so easy. Couples who don’t communicate may become like strangers, misunderstanding one another about crucial things.

Of course, cheating is still a deal breaker for many couples. Social media has made it easy to rekindle old relationships in a way that may not feel like cheating to the offending spouse. One spouse may feel the other does not understand his or her needs or is unable to express love in a way that seems genuine. Often these feelings of resentment, loneliness or intolerance have built up silently for a while before a couple decides they cannot continue in the marriage.

Ending a marriage is rarely an easy decision, and with that first move comes many subsequent decisions. Even in the simplest situations, divorce can be complicated, involving complex legal issues. Going it alone may lead to making mistakes that one regrets for years to come. Instead, consulting a Tennessee attorney for sound advice will allow one to make informed decisions and potentially look forward to a more positive future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The 8 Biggest Relationship Killers, According To Divorce Attorneys“, Brittany Wong, June 13, 2017