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Drunk driving is only one way to get charged with DUI

| Jun 26, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

In Tennessee, driving while impaired is not limited to offenses related to alcohol. Drunk driving is only one way in which a driver can be considered impaired, however the standards for proving impairment may be questionable no matter what the suspected intoxicant may be. A recent accident involving a pedestrian has one man defending himself against accusations of misusing prescription drugs before driving.

Around 7 p.m. one evening, a 32-year-old man was driving his pickup truck when he failed to negotiate a curve, crossed the center line and drove onto the sidewalk. In trying to regain control of the truck, the driver apparently overcorrected, sending the truck back onto the road and into a tailspin. The truck left the road a second time and crossed the sidewalk, striking a 45-year-old woman who was walking with her family. Both the driver of the truck and the woman were transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

In the course of the investigation of the accident, police obtained the driver’s blood sample and determined that he had apparently ingested valium. Police say the driver admitted buying the pills after he ran out of his prescription. Reportedly, the man had taken an amount of the drug significant enough for police to consider him driving under the influence. In addition to DUI, he was recently indicted for reckless aggravated assault, vehicular assault and reckless endangerment, all at the felony level.

Because of the number of felonies this man faces, he would benefit from strong legal counsel to contest the results of the drug test as well as the reported confession. Those in Tennessee accused of drugged or drunk driving have a great deal on the line. An attorney can provide a strong defense in pursuit of a favorable outcome.

Source:, “Kingsport man indicted for crashing into woman on sidewalk“, Rain Smith, June 22, 2017