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Resolving child custody issues for summer vacation

| Jun 11, 2017 | Child Custody |

If there is one thing children in Tennessee look forward to, it is summer vacation. Being off from school and free to enjoy days of leisure is what kids work for all year long. For divorced parents, however, the approach of summer may bring anxiety and uncertainty, especially if their child custody agreement does not include plans for vacations or summer trips. However, it does not have to be that way if the parents are willing to work out a reasonable arrangement.

Ideally, the custody plan parents agreed to during their divorce contained a workable summer schedule. However, sometimes it may be necessary to deviate from that plan; for example, doing so may make sense if one parent has an opportunity to take the kids to a theme park or out-of-town family gathering. While the situation between the two parents may be tense, it is preferable that they meet to work out an alternative arrangement for these situations. One parent may approach the other with a tentative schedule, and the two can amiably reach an agreement.

Of course, this ideal is not always achieved, and the parents may not be able to reach an acceptable resolution. In this case, they may seek the help of a neutral third party to mediate their conflict. In fact, if the parents already know they will not be able to resolve their dispute peacefully, mediation may be necessary from the start. If mediation still is not the answer to the problem, a couple may need to get a court order for their vacation plans.

Broaching vacation schedule changes with a co-parent is not something to leave for the last minute. Neither is it recommended that a parent avoid the child custody conflict and simply leave town with the children. This could result in serious legal consequences. Instead, enlisting the help of a Tennessee attorney while summer is still young may allow both parents to provide a memorable summer experience for their children instead of spending vacation battling in a courtroom.

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