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Tennessee waitress facing drug charges

| Jun 5, 2017 | Drug Charges |

In the restaurant business, bad service can mean the demise of an establishment. One Tennessee restaurant is now dealing with the backlash of an incident involving one of its waitresses. While the incident may have brought bad press to the restaurant, the waitress is now facing drug charges, which could alter the course of her life.

Police responded to the restaurant after an off-duty deputy called in an assault. When investigators arrived, the deputy told them that his waitress had dropped a small baggie of cocaine in his glass of water. Investigators, along with the restaurant manager, viewed surveillance video that apparently showed the glass of water on the deputy’s table and the baggie dropping into it as the waitress took the deputy’s order. According to police, the waitress admitted the cocaine was hers, but she insisted she did not intentionally drop it into the officer’s water.

She has subsequently lost her job at the restaurant and now is accused of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and assault. After the woman’s arrest, police reportedly found her in possession of a small straw containing cocaine residue. The woman also allegedly admitted to having additional cocaine hidden in her bra.

A sheriff’s deputy as a witness and a surveillance video of the incident may seem to seal the fate of this woman. However, like everyone in Tennessee, she has the right to legal counsel. Anyone facing drug charges is also facing an uncertain future. Having a solid criminal defense is advantageous to protecting one’s rights and reaching the most positive outcome possible.

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