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July 2017 Archives

Tennessee divorce may follow signs in a struggling marriage

Most marriages in Tennessee go through rough times when spouses may find it hard to communicate with each other or strongly disagree on issues that are important to them. Some are able to push through the struggles and emerge on the other side with their relationships intact. Others, however, may wonder when to continue the good fight and when it is time to initiate a divorce.

Making child custody stress-free for children

Family counselors recommend that divorced parents maintain as much stability for their children as possible. After all, the children are likely already feeling out of sorts with the separation, especially if child custody rulings include traveling frequently between the Tennessee homes of their parents. As difficult as it may be, keeping open and respectful communication with an ex-spouse will be important. Children quickly resent being messengers between their warring parents, and the ability to communicate well with a co-parent may ensure more consistency in parenting styles.

Drunk driving arrest complicated by presence of a minor

A conviction for DUI may carry penalties that can affect a person's life for years. If the offense is not the driver's first, those penalties may be even more serious. However, facing a drunk driving charge with a minor in the vehicle will certainly lead to enhanced penalties if the driver is convicted. One Tennessee man is facing such a situation after a recent traffic incident.

Couple faces drug charges after warrantless search of hotel room

When police obtain evidence of a crime, they must abide by laws that protect the rights of the accused. For example, searches of people's property must follow certain procedures, such as obtaining a warrant or the permission of the resident of the premises. Recently, police in Nashville entered a hotel room without a warrant and collected evidence that led to drug charges against the residents.

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