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Couple faces drug charges after warrantless search of hotel room

| Jul 3, 2017 | Drug Charges |

When police obtain evidence of a crime, they must abide by laws that protect the rights of the accused. For example, searches of people’s property must follow certain procedures, such as obtaining a warrant or the permission of the resident of the premises. Recently, police in Nashville entered a hotel room without a warrant and collected evidence that led to drug charges against the residents.

Tennessee police received a report of an argument occurring at a local hotel, but when they responded, a 21-year-old woman met them and told them everything was fine. Nevertheless, police knocked on the door of the room where the man was staying with whom the woman had supposedly been arguing. When no one answered, police entered the room, apparently because the original call had been for a domestic disturbance.

Police reports say that officers saw syringes on the bed. They also reported seeing a zipper pouch with the words “Junkie Kit” written on it. Police say the woman gave them permission to search, so they opened the pouch, which allegedly contained items used for preparing and shooting heroin. Officers say they also discovered a powdery substance they believed to be heroin inside the drawer of the nightstand.

The couple now faces numerous drug charges based on the items the officers found in their search of the hotel room. In similar circumstances, Tennessee residents may seek the counsel of an attorney who will work tirelessly to protect their rights. A strong defense may begin with questioning the validity of the search and the admissibility of the evidence police procured at the scene.

Source:, “Two arrested for drugs after domestic incident“, June 27, 2017