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Tennessee divorce may follow signs in a struggling marriage

| Jul 24, 2017 | Divorce |

Most marriages in Tennessee go through rough times when spouses may find it hard to communicate with each other or strongly disagree on issues that are important to them. Some are able to push through the struggles and emerge on the other side with their relationships intact. Others, however, may wonder when to continue the good fight and when it is time to initiate a divorce.

Some marriage advisors believe there are signs to indicate when a marriage cannot be repaired. For example, while infidelity may not necessarily mean the end of a marriage, when a spouse refuses to give up the extramarital affair, it is likely that he or she is not committed to the other spouse or to their union. That lack of respect can manifest in other ways, too, like when the spouses no longer encourage each other but constantly find fault. A spouse who refuses to change selfish ways or consider the needs of the other may destroy any chances of staying married.

People often marry because they have common goals and similar interests. When those interests begin to divide and spouses find themselves spending less time together, they may decide to separate altogether. In fact, if the couple holds divorce as a viable option for their marriage, there is a good possibility that one of them will eventually take that option.

Facing divorce is seldom easy, even when both spouses agree it is the right and best thing for them. Divorce often includes complex issues and decisions that can affect each spouse for years in the future. When the decision is made to end the marriage, Tennessee spouses who turn to an experienced family law attorney often find themselves better protected and prepared for their life after marriage.

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