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August 2017 Archives

Drug charges filed after responding to a suspicious persons call

A recent call to police in Tennessee to report two suspicious people ultimately led to an arrest. Along with other charges, a man is facing drug charges after law enforcement searched his car. Reportedly, police responded to a store after receiving a call from the manager at 4:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning.

Parenting disagreements may form basis of child custody disputes

A new baby in the home brings great joy and satisfaction. However, babies also change the dynamics of a household, especially for first-time parents. Tennessee parents may read books and seek advice about how to deal with the issues of raising children, but ultimately, they must make the decisions as a couple. Unfortunately, some of those decisions create enough stress in a marriage to result in divorce. When this happens those child-raising conflicts may play out through child custody battles.

How to protect your financial assets during a divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved. Emotions are often hard to manage, stress levels are elevated, and that’s true even if the dissolution of the relationship is reasonably amicable. Still, there is no guarantee of a friendly breakup. And even if things start out on congenial terms, the atmosphere often becomes hostile when it’s time to sort out asset distribution, alimony, and matters related to children – support, custody, and visitation.

Driver and passenger face drunk driving charges after accident

Tennessee is one of the strictest states when it comes to dealing with impaired drivers. Drunk driving penalties are harsh, and law enforcement officers takes seriously their duty to prevent innocent drivers from becoming victims of DUI accidents. After being involved in an accident, if a driver has a DUI attached to any other charges, that driver may face an uncertain future. Additionally, there are situations where a passenger may share that uncertainty.

Drug charges for couple accused of intent to distribute

Law enforcement agents understand that those transporting drugs often undertake such risky behavior because they are in desperate situations. Sometimes they may be struggling financially or have a drug addiction of their own to support. Nevertheless, police will likely arrest those trying to bring drugs into Tennessee, and facing drug charges will certainly not help an already difficult situation.

Don't let divorce throw a wrench in retirement funding

When a Tennessee couple is considering divorcing, one of the most important aspects of the decision-making process involves the financial ramifications of ending the marriage. For those who are nearing retirement age, this can be an especially difficult decision to make. Most couples plan for retirement under the assumption that they will move through their later years as a unit, helping to support and care for each other. When a divorce occurs, those plans are suddenly shattered, and both spouses have to approach their retirement planning as individuals.

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