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Drug charges for couple accused of intent to distribute

| Aug 7, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Law enforcement agents understand that those transporting drugs often undertake such risky behavior because they are in desperate situations. Sometimes they may be struggling financially or have a drug addiction of their own to support. Nevertheless, police will likely arrest those trying to bring drugs into Tennessee, and facing drug charges will certainly not help an already difficult situation.

Two people are likely concerned about their futures after police arrested them at the Nashville International Airport. The man and woman arrived from California with three suitcases, and K-9 dogs responded to the potential presence of drugs in the luggage. Undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agents apparently observed the man retrieving two of the suitcases and stopped him for questioning. When the woman saw DEA agents approaching the man, she left her suitcase and exited the airport.

Reports say the man consented to a search of his bags where agents say they found 35.7 pounds of marijuana in vacuum sealed bags. Upon searching the bag abandoned by the woman, agents say they found another 16.4 pounds of marijuana in plastic bags. DEA agents tracked the woman to a nearby Waffle House and arrested her, though she refused to answer questions. The man allegedly told agents he was being paid up to $3,000 to transport the drugs.

The couple is now facing one felony count each of possession with intent to sell or deliver. Felony drug convictions carry harsh penalties, including the potential for jail time and extreme fines. Additionally, those convicted of felonies often lose many civil rights and opportunities, such as voting privileges, eligibility for certain jobs and government benefits. To avoid these severe consequences, those in Tennessee who face drug charges would benefit from seeking the representation of an aggressive attorney.

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