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September 2017 Archives

Man faces drug charges after multi-agency investigation

Investigations into the drug trade often involve numerous law enforcement agencies. Investigators also rely on information from those inside an organization and from civilian tips. Probable cause and search warrants may be obtained with the slightest evidence, and some police are not above using unethical means to improve the chances that a judge will grant such a warrant. Tennessee police recently arrested a man on drug charges and are not sharing how the investigation into his alleged activities came about.

Child custody includes structure and cooperation

While many divorced Tennessee couples think the divorce was the most difficult thing to get through, they soon learn otherwise when the real work of co-parenting begins. Child custody agreements only go so far, and the nitty gritty of raising children in two separate households often requires a skillful balancing act. Some child experts have pinpointed the most common mistakes divorced parents make that add anxiety and frustration to their children's lives. Learning to avoid these mistakes may reduce the element of stress for the children.

Debunking 3 alcohol myths

Drinking and driving is a crime, yet people still do it and fairly frequently. Sometimes, people drive drunk because they're misinformed. There are many different myths about drinking alcohol that need to be debunked, from thinking coffee makes you sober to believing mixing drinks have no negative effect on your blood alcohol concentration.

Man charged with drunk driving and child endangerment

Because of the potential dangers involved when a driver is impaired, the courts in Tennessee and other states typically impose harsher penalties after a conviction if children were involved in a DUI incident. In fact, in some situations, a simple DUI can quickly become a felony if a minor was in the vehicle. One local man was fortunate to have avoided an accident, but he now faces drunk driving charges complicated by the presence of his child in the vehicle.

Divorce doesn't have to mean tension for kids returning to school

The normal stress of the back-to-school season may be felt even more when parents are divorced. While support payments may cover typical expenses such as clothing and shoes, other expenses and decisions may become a source of contention if parents are not prepared to work as a team despite the divorce. As difficult as it may be, family advocates urge Tennessee parents to share as much of the planning and provide as much financial, administrative and emotional support as possible throughout the school year.

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