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Debunking 3 alcohol myths

| Sep 14, 2017 | Blog |

Drinking and driving is a crime, yet people still do it and fairly frequently. Sometimes, people drive drunk because they’re misinformed. There are many different myths about drinking alcohol that need to be debunked, from thinking coffee makes you sober to believing mixing drinks have no negative effect on your blood alcohol concentration.

Knowing the truth about these myths could help you avoid getting pulled over and breath tested. Here are a few myths that you should know the truth about now.

1. Alcohol content isn’t decreased with coffee intake

When you drink coffee, you might feel like you’re sobering up. The truth is that, while you are stimulating your brain, you aren’t affecting your BAC levels. Alcohol leaves the body at around .015 percent per hour, so only time can truly reduce your BAC.

2. Mixing drinks won’t guarantee that you won’t get drunk

While watering down a drink might slow down your alcohol intake, you’ll still drink the percentage of alcohol that you put in the glass. Depending on what’s mixed together, it could actually be possible to get drunk faster, so don’t think mixing drinks is an easy way to avoid intoxication.

3. Alcohol doesn’t kill brain cells

While some people like to say that drinking too much kills brain cells, that’s simply not true. Alcohol consumption, in lower amounts, can actually boost the brain’s functions and be of benefit. Some research has suggested that red wine may be able to prevent dementia, too. The catch is that those who drink heavily may develop changes in their brains and could end up causing themselves mental impairments.

Drinking responsibly keeps you out of trouble and has some health benefits. If you do drink too much, wait before you get behind the wheel. Driving with even a small amount of alcohol in your system still has the potential to cause inebriation.