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October 2017 Archives

Thinking it through before deciding to divorce

Like getting married, bringing a marriage to an end is not a decision to make without careful consideration. Divorce is stressful, and its consequences can be long-lasting, so making a hasty decision can mean living with years of struggle and regret. Marriage experts often encourage Tennessee couples to carefully examine the situation as it is now and how it will be after a divorce before rushing to file papers.

2 men facing drug charges after traffic stop

There are many things that can create a sense of uncertainty in a person's life. Facing drug charges is likely one of those things since a conviction for such an offense can potentially bring life-changing consequences. When someone in Tennessee is arrested and charged with such crimes, it is never too early to plan a defense strategy.

Child custody dispute over vaccination order

When parents divorce, they often have many crucial decisions to make about the future of their children. More often, parents can arrive at those decisions without the need for litigation or protracted courtroom battles. Nevertheless, even child custody decisions made outside a Tennessee courtroom need approval of a judge to be legally binding. One mother in another state recently lost many custody rights after violating such a court order.

Stalking: More than coincidental meetings

You had a friend you adored. You occasionally showed up at the end of her shift to see if she wanted to hang out. Other times, you'd bump into her at the store, since you live close together. You never meant any harm, and since you were both friendly to each other, you assumed everything was fine even when she'd tell you she didn't want to go somewhere with you or just wanted to go home.

Drunk driving charges for man who hit police car

When a Tennessee driver is involved in an accident, he or she can usually expect to face many consequences and complications. There will likely be the bother of car repairs and higher insurance rates, which may seem pale if someone is injured in the crash. Perhaps complicating the situation even more is when the injured party is a police officer. One man is charged with drunk driving after an accident involving a patrol car.

Study connects divorce to teenage drama

As if teenagers did not have enough making them feel insecure, a new study reveals that they may contribute to the demise of their parents' marriages. The study examined data collected by Dutch researchers to determine how children factor into their parents' divorces, and the results were surprising. Parents in Tennessee who are dealing with the drama of teen children may find the information useful in their efforts to preserve their marriages.

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