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2 men facing drug charges after traffic stop

| Oct 24, 2017 | Drug Charges |

There are many things that can create a sense of uncertainty in a person’s life. Facing drug charges is likely one of those things since a conviction for such an offense can potentially bring life-changing consequences. When someone in Tennessee is arrested and charged with such crimes, it is never too early to plan a defense strategy.

Two men are in this situation after a traffic stop led to their arrest. A police officer claimed to recognize the 23-year-old driver as he passed in a vehicle. The officer apparently knew the driver’s license had been revoked, so police initiated a stop. Because the officer claimed to smell marijuana, he ordered the driver to step out of the car for questioning. During the questioning, the driver allegedly admitted he had marijuana in the car.

Police reports say a search of the car revealed a backpack filled with marijuana and money in the glove box. The driver is now charged with driving on a revoked license and distribution of marijuana. His 25-year-old passenger is facing felony possession and possession of illegal drug paraphernalia. Each man is being held on $11,000 bond.

The criminal defense of the drug charges may include questioning the validity of the traffic stop and whether the officer violated the driver’s rights by searching the vehicle. In Tennessee, anyone in search of a strong defense will benefit from the advocacy of an attorney. A dedicated attorney will know the best way to proceed in order to focus on minimizing the potential negative consequences.

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