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Drunk driving charges for man who hit police car

| Oct 10, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

When a Tennessee driver is involved in an accident, he or she can usually expect to face many consequences and complications. There will likely be the bother of car repairs and higher insurance rates, which may seem pale if someone is injured in the crash. Perhaps complicating the situation even more is when the injured party is a police officer. One man is charged with drunk driving after an accident involving a patrol car.

Just after midnight on a Sunday morning, a police officer responded to a single vehicle accident in the northbound lane of a local highway. Upon arriving at the scene, the officer positioned his car across the northbound lane to alert oncoming traffic of the disabled vehicle. However, within a few moments, a car driven by a 29-year-old man is said to have crashed into the patrol car.

The officer reported that the driver’s breath and body smelled like alcohol, and his eyes appeared red. However, the driver said he fell asleep behind the wheel just before colliding with the patrol car. Despite injuries to his neck and back from the collision, the officer drove the man to the police station where a Breathalyzer test allegedly showed the man’s blood alcohol level to be .212.

The man now faces drunk driving charges along with vehicular assault, reckless endangerment and several other related charges. Because of the involvement of a Tennessee police officer, the driver may have concerns about receiving fair treatment in court. Those in similar situations find the assistance of an attorney makes all the difference in their defense strategy.

Source:, “Man crashes into police vehicle injuring officer“, Chris Brantley, Oct. 8, 2017