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Study connects divorce to teenage drama

| Oct 2, 2017 | Divorce |

As if teenagers did not have enough making them feel insecure, a new study reveals that they may contribute to the demise of their parents’ marriages. The study examined data collected by Dutch researchers to determine how children factor into their parents’ divorces, and the results were surprising. Parents in Tennessee who are dealing with the drama of teen children may find the information useful in their efforts to preserve their marriages.

According to Dutch research, couples with girls between the ages of 13 and 18 have a 5 percent higher rate of divorce than those with teenage sons. Couples with girls in this age range — particularly girls around age 15 — have an 11.3 percent chance of splitting up. Dutch researchers and their American counterparts stop short of blaming the girls for the breakups, but they suggest that the typically tense relationship between teenagers and their parents may create tension of its own between the parents.

One interesting detail in the study revealed that husbands who had sisters do not have a higher risk of divorce because of the presence of teen daughters, but those fathers without sisters may have missed out on some essential preparation for rearing daughters. The researchers conclude that raising children with less gender bias may reduce the level of conflict within the family. Additionally, they hope the results of their study may allow parents to be prepared for the angst and emotions of teen years.

While studies and data continue to search for the cause of marital breakdowns, Tennessee couples often find that they simply cannot remain married. When children are involved, the divorce is even more complex. Having the advocacy of an attorney during this time can ensure one’s parental rights are protected and that the best interests of the children are foremost.  

Source:, “Parents of teenage daughters more likely to divorce, says study“, Jan Kabatek, David C. Ribar, Sept. 27, 2017