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Thinking it through before deciding to divorce

| Oct 30, 2017 | Divorce |

Like getting married, bringing a marriage to an end is not a decision to make without careful consideration. Divorce is stressful, and its consequences can be long-lasting, so making a hasty decision can mean living with years of struggle and regret. Marriage experts often encourage Tennessee couples to carefully examine the situation as it is now and how it will be after a divorce before rushing to file papers.

First, couples would be wise to be honest about how well they have communicated to each other. Sometimes one spouse may not know how to change or what role to play in the relationship because the other spouse has not been open about his or her expectations. A spouse considering filing for divorce may benefit from reflecting with a calm mind about whether he or she still cares about the spouse enough to keep trying and if it is worth it to save the marriage.

On a practical level, leaving a marriage may bring significant change, especially if a couple has been married a long time. Facing the biggest fears that divorce presents will allow one to plan how to overcome them, for example, being along or surviving financially. Some of the biggest challenges after divorce involve finances as well as taking over the household responsibilities of one’s other spouse, such as doing the taxes, cooking or taking care of the car.

After careful consideration and honest conversation with one’s spouse, if a couple decides divorce is the right move for them, they will certainly want to avoid making emotional decisions throughout the process. This is often where the guidance of a Tennessee attorney for each party comes in handy. A compassionate attorney can assist with every area of divorce and advocate for one’s best interests.

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