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November 2017 Archives

Preparing for a divorce court appearance

Despite the fact that the divorce rate is high in Tennessee and across the country, few people appearing before a family court judge have had previous experience in such a setting. The procedure is quite different from the dramas of television and movies, and although a judge may understand that the participants are unfamiliar with what is expected of them, he or she likely won't have the time or patience to tutor the couples on proper courtroom decorum. It will help couples heading to divorce court to understand some basic expectations.

Tennessee drug charges for 10 following 6-month investigation

Keeping Tennessee neighborhoods safe from illegal drugs and the violence that is often associated with them is a commendable effort of law enforcement agencies across the country. In their efforts to rid the streets of dangerous substances, police may build cases based on months of investigation, surveillance and information provided by witnesses. Anyone who faces drug charges at the end of one of these investigations has the right to question any evidence police claim to have against them.

Child custody options for Thanksgiving holiday

For many families in Tennessee, Thanksgiving extends beyond the fourth Thursday in November. The weekend following Thanksgiving may be full of other traditions, such as visiting extended family, putting up decorations or beginning holiday shopping. However, for divorced parents, those days may be a source of contention and frustration when child custody issues arise.

Here's what you should know about marital property in Tennesse

During the course of a marriage, especially one that lasts a decade or more, it is typical for each spouse to accumulate money, property and various assets: for example, the house you purchased in Knoxville after your wedding, the furniture in it, your cars and even your retirement accounts. All of these items typically fall under the category of marital property. Now that you are considering divorce, you and your future ex-husband will have to divide this property.

Fire chief arrested for drunk driving at end of career

At the end of an illustrious career, a person may dream of leaving the position with some honor and dignity. It is a time to look back with pride on accomplishments and contributions that may benefit the industry for years to come. Colleagues may throw a party, and the public may even offer expressions of gratitude and congratulations at this bittersweet moment. For one Tennessee public servant, however, the exit may be more bitter than sweet following his drunk driving arrest.

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