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Child custody options for Thanksgiving holiday

| Nov 14, 2017 | Child Custody |

For many families in Tennessee, Thanksgiving extends beyond the fourth Thursday in November. The weekend following Thanksgiving may be full of other traditions, such as visiting extended family, putting up decorations or beginning holiday shopping. However, for divorced parents, those days may be a source of contention and frustration when child custody issues arise.

Parents who are seeking options for minimizing the stress and enhancing their parenting time over the Thanksgiving holiday may consider various custody patterns recommended by family advocates. While one method may seem preferable over another, it may really depend on the parents’ plans and the amount of travel to which they must subject the children. For example, the father may have the children for Thanksgiving Day, perhaps beginning Wednesday afternoon, and the mother may spend time with the children from Thursday evening through the weekend.

For families who don’t mind more exchanges, the holiday can be divided even further, with each parent spending part of Thanksgiving Day and parts of the weekend with the children. Of course, if the parents live some distance from each other, this is not a practical solution. In such cases, it may work better for the parents to alternate the entire holiday with the children. For example, the mother would celebrate Thanksgiving and the weekend with the children this year, and the children would spend Thanksgiving 2018 with their father.

There are as many options for dividing holidays as there are hours in a day. The schedule that works best for the parents and is in the best interests of the children may be unique to each Tennessee family. However, deciding on any child custody arrangements that differ from a court-ordered arrangement is best done with the advice and guidance of an attorney.

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