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December 2017 Archives

Tennessee bus driver facing drunk driving charges

Throughout the school year, thousands of Tennessee students ride the school bus each day. While most bus drivers are honored to provide this service to students, the daily obstacles and amount of responsibility can sometimes take a toll, leading to poor judgment and decisions. Just recently, a Portland school bus driver was fired over drunk driving accusations.

Traffic stop leads to several drug charges for Paris man

Possession, distribution, and the manufacturing of illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are restricted in the state of Tennessee. Convictions for these drug charges can lead to harsh sentences and often prison time. Tennessee residents who are arrested on drug charges have many options available to them when it comes to a defense strategy.

Is your teenage son or daughter shoplifting?

Some kids seem to glide through the teen years with the wind at their backs and sails billowing high. Others get stuck trying to paddle upstream. While it may be impossible — and likely unwise — to rush to your teens' rescues every time they make a stagger step, parents can still be strong deterrents against teen lawbreaking.

Unwed fathers may have to battle to win child custody rights

Unwed fathers may be at a disadvantage. If a man's relationship with his former partner is strained, a father may not even realize he has a child. When he discovers he is a father, he may not understand that he has certain rights that must be protected if he hopes to establish a bond with the child or obtain child custody. Along with those rights, however, go important responsibilities.

Man faces 2nd drunk driving charge after tragic accident

Tennessee drivers usually understand the risks of driving late at night. Visibility is low, and there is always the danger of becoming drowsy or encountering drowsy or otherwise impaired drivers along the way. One man is now facing drunk driving charges following a late-night accident that left a family in mourning.

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