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Tipped- off postal delivery leads to multiple drug charges

| Jan 24, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Many postal packages are delivered each day to Tennessee residents. While some of these deliveries are anticipated, others may come as a surprise, as one did recently for a local homeowner. Unfortunately, a package containing illegal drugs was delivered to the residence, and the person who picked the package up is now facing multiple drug charges.

After receiving a tip and verifying that the homeowner was not associated with the delivery of the package, which contained both marijuana and Oxycodone pills, authority’s then set up surveillance to monitor the home for any suspicious activity or retrieval of the package. Throughout this time, a man was arrested and immediately taken into custody by investigators for picking the package up. He is now facing multiple drug charges including attempted possession of both schedule II and VI drugs for resale and criminal conspiracy to possess schedule II and IV drugs for resale.

Police claim they received a tip about the arrival of the package through the mail. However, the media does not report if they obtained a warrant for the surveillance of the residence or the search of the package. Without a valid warrant, the court could possibly throw all the evidence out.

Facing an uncertain future can be frightening for anyone, especially those who are accused of possessing and reselling an illegal drug. The legal battle could be intense, therefore, Tennessee residents facing multiple drug charges are encouraged to seek an experienced legal counsel to help in building his or her defense. Despite the situation and its seriousness, a strong defense can help make any case manageable.

Source:, “Tip leads to arrest, drug seizure“, Tom Smith, Jan. 12, 2018