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February 2018 Archives

Drug charges alleged against Tennessee couple

Crimes related to the manufacture or distribution of drugs are a serious concern in many cities across the nation. The possibility of being charged with a crime could be increased if authorities suspect that children have been put at risk. A couple living in Tennessee is now facing drug charges after authorities allegedly found drug components in the home which one of the defendants shared with his grandchildren. 

Common steps taken during a divorce

Ending a marriage is tough and is often associated with a laundry list of consequences. Between divvying up marital assets or working out a parenting plan, it may seem like one is facing one battle after another. For Tennessee residents considering divorce, understanding all the steps within the divorce process can help better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

4 tips for talking to your spouse about divorce

Many couples will eventually reach a breaking point in their relationship where the only option might be to end things. Perhaps you and your husband have been trying for years to make it work, but, despite your efforts, it has been impossible to get your marriage back on track. The only thing left for you to do might be to file for divorce.

Multiple drug charges after recent drug bust

Drug charges are no small matter, and those accused must act to protect their legal rights and fight for their own best interests. As state and federal authorities continue to enforce drug crime laws, convictions often result in prison sentences and hefty fines, among other possible consequences. In a recent sting, Tennessee police arrested two individuals and say they seized multiple drugs along with a substantial amount of money.

Good Samaritan prevents possible drunk driving accident

While driving down the road, it can be easy to misinterpret common driver errors as drunk driving. Often times, a good Samaritan will notify authorities of any unusual or erratic behavior of fellow motorists in hopes of preventing a potentially tragic drunk driving accident. Case in point, Tennessee police recently arrested and charged a man with DUI after a witness reportedly followed him until he crashed into a pump at a local gas station.

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