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Common steps taken during a divorce

| Feb 14, 2018 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage is tough and is often associated with a laundry list of consequences. Between divvying up marital assets or working out a parenting plan, it may seem like one is facing one battle after another. For Tennessee residents considering divorce, understanding all the steps within the divorce process can help better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Depending on state laws, legal separation may be required for a period of time, and a temporary separation agreement is the first step in the process to make sure both parties meet the legal responsibilities to one another. Temporary divorce orders come next, and they basically cover specific actions issued by the court until the final hearing. Next comes the discovery stage where each party gathers information about the other to include items such as disclosures, fact admissions, interrogatories and any production requests.

After completing the discovery stage, attorneys will begin depositions followed with mediation. In most cases, a settlement is agreed upon through the guidance of a mediator with hopes of staying out of the divorce court. However, sometimes, divorce court cannot be avoided because both parties continue to have unresolved issues even after mediation or they cannot work together to negotiate favorable terms in the first place.

Divorce doesn’t make one a failure, but making the decision to get a divorce will change one’s life forever. With the help of experienced legal counsel, the divorce process can become less daunting and painful for Tennessee residents. The divorce process takes time, but with on-going support and guidance from an astute family law attorney, one can ensure his or her best interests will be protected throughout the process.

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