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Good Samaritan prevents possible drunk driving accident

| Feb 1, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

While driving down the road, it can be easy to misinterpret common driver errors as drunk driving. Often times, a good Samaritan will notify authorities of any unusual or erratic behavior of fellow motorists in hopes of preventing a potentially tragic drunk driving accident. Case in point, Tennessee police recently arrested and charged a man with DUI after a witness reportedly followed him until he crashed into a pump at a local gas station.

On a recent Monday morning, a fellow driver witnessed the suspect drive erratically by swerving in and out of traffic and fluctuating speed. After following the individual for several gut-wrenching moments, the driver watched as the suspect finally crashed into the gas pump of a local gas station. No injuries were reported from the accident, and the suspect’s keys were taken from the vehicle.

After crashing, the suspect was reported to be dazed, confused and extremely aggravated. Deputies also reported beer and pill bottles containing Lexapro and Ambien inside the suspects’ car. If found guilty of DUI charges, the suspect can be facing some hefty penalties, including license suspension, fines and possibly jail.

Cases involving drunk driving charges are taken seriously by the courts. With the help of an experienced legal counsel, Tennessee residents facing similar charges may be able to have their cases dismissed or have their sentences reduced depending on the extent of the crime. In any event, Tennessee residents in similar situations are advised to be aware of their rights and any appropriate actions to take in order to protect them.

Source:, “Accused DUI driver arrested after woman witnesses Lebanon crash, throws car keys”, Andy Cordan Tennessee Titans Nashville, Jan. 24, 2018