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Multiple drug charges after recent drug bust

| Feb 8, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Drug charges are no small matter, and those accused must act to protect their legal rights and fight for their own best interests. As state and federal authorities continue to enforce drug crime laws, convictions often result in prison sentences and hefty fines, among other possible consequences. In a recent sting, Tennessee police arrested two individuals and say they seized multiple drugs along with a substantial amount of money.

After a seven-month operation, two individuals are now facing multiple drug charges after investigators seized four cars, a pistol, 2 ounces of crystal meth, almost a pound of cocaine and more than $31,000 in cash. During the arrest, police say one of the detained men gave a fake name. They ultimately discovered his real identity, along with the fact that he was apparently the object of a Texas warrant relating to other outstanding drug charges.

Before sentencing a defendant who has actually been convicted of a drug crime, a judge will take into consideration multiple factors such as substance amount, any prior criminal history and the area in which the offense took place. The consequences of a conviction often go beyond a prison term and monetary fines. Citizenship rights, loss of a job, driver’s license revocation and other penalties are also common results. When facing these types of charges, it’s important to understand every available option when it comes to preparing a defense to present in court.

Laws relating to drug charges are confusing to many, and the criminal justice system can be intimidating. Anyone in Tennessee facing similar drug charges may benefit from contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. The lawyer can focus on strategies to help achieve the best possible outcome when faced with multiple drug charges.

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