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March 2018 Archives

Ways Tennessee teachers can help children of divorce

Teachers play a significant role in the lives of their students. Astute educators can usually spot when a child is going through a rough time as some kids do when their parents are in the throes of divorce. Tennessee teachers are in a position to help these kids perhaps more than they realize. Sometimes all these children need is some compassion and understanding.

Drunk driving offenses on college campuses

Many students use college as a time to go a little wild. Too often, this desire to let loose and go wild involves going to parties and drinking in excess. Unfortunately, as many Tennessee college students discovered, these choices can lead to a variety of troubles, including some that could make life difficult in the future.  

A new kind of child custody agreement

Divorced couples in Tennessee with children know that scheduling can often be an issue. Children are often passed between parents and must adjust and readjust to different places and schedules on a regular basis. However, there are some families who are finding new ways to handle their child custody agreements. 

Business ownership and divorce

Married couples face a variety of difficulties on a daily basis. Spouses must learn to live with one another and adjust to each other's personality quirks as well as their work schedules. However, as some Tennessee residents may have discovered, there are times when the stress of work can become too much for couples to overcome and divorce often follows that realization. 

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