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A new kind of child custody agreement

| Mar 12, 2018 | Child Custody |

Divorced couples in Tennessee with children know that scheduling can often be an issue. Children are often passed between parents and must adjust and readjust to different places and schedules on a regular basis. However, there are some families who are finding new ways to handle their child custody agreements. 

For many years, mothers were almost always given custody of the children. However, in recent years, significant steps have been taken towards equal custody agreements between parents. More fathers are being awarded custody, and many parents are agreeing to share custody. During these arrangements, children would alternative weeks or weekends with their parents, and some children would even stay with one parent for months at a time before going back to the other. 

One family has chosen to take a different approach. The children live in a single home, which they refer to as “the nest,” and the two parents trade places every two weeks. Each parent has a master suite that he or she can lock during their weeks off if they so choose. This arrangement allows both parents to be fully involved in their children’s lives, and they believe that it provides the children with the greatest amount of stability. 

Families across Tennessee are discovering that there is no single correct way to handle child custody. Attorneys may be able to help their clients to fully understand their custody options. If none of the conventional options work for the family, then the attorneys may be able to help their clients to reach an agreement that most benefits the children involved. 

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Why modern custody agreements look so different: ‘Anything goes, as long as the children are happy’“, Danielle Braff, March 8, 2018