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Business ownership and divorce

| Mar 6, 2018 | Divorce |

Married couples face a variety of difficulties on a daily basis. Spouses must learn to live with one another and adjust to each other’s personality quirks as well as their work schedules. However, as some Tennessee residents may have discovered, there are times when the stress of work can become too much for couples to overcome and divorce often follows that realization. 

One recently divorced couple was recently interviewed by the writer of a column for a leading newspaper about some of the reasons behind their divorce. The couple told the interviewer that a lack of love and affection was not the reason for their separation, but rather work-related stress. Before their divorce, the couple started a bakery together. Unfortunately, the bakery required the couple to work incredibly long hours. 

Some might be surprised to know that the ex-husband even claimed that he and his ex-wife might still be together if they had chosen a different career path. A number of papers have been published both in the United States and in Europe detailing how daily stress can affect marriage. Many believe that this stress can eventually become as devastating to a marriage as some of the more well-known reasons for divorce. 

There are many reasons to end a marriage, but those reasons do not always mean that the spouses no longer feel affection or love for one another. Unfortunately, there are times when the people involved feel as though they are unable to work through their problems. Tennessee couples who are considering divorce may find it helpful to consult with an attorney in their area. 

Source:, “The tale of two exes whose intense work schedules contributed to their divorce is a cautionary tale for any modern couple“, Shana Lebowitz, March 1, 2018