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Drunk driving offenses on college campuses

| Mar 19, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

Many students use college as a time to go a little wild. Too often, this desire to let loose and go wild involves going to parties and drinking in excess. Unfortunately, as many Tennessee college students discovered, these choices can lead to a variety of troubles, including some that could make life difficult in the future.  

While reports say that other forms of crime are down, DUI arrests increased. Last year, college campuses in Tennessee saw a significant increase in drunk driving offenses amongst students. A number of these offenses can be attributed to younger students who are experiencing freedom outside of their parents’ home for the first time.

Some of the older students have realized that a DUI can hurt their chances of finding a good career as soon as possible after graduation. Those who do choose to continue frequenting the party scene try to plan ahead and ensure that they have a safe ride home. Others choose not to drink at all. Some students have even discovered places that lock up patrons’ car keys and will provide a sober driver or call an UBER when they are ready to leave. 

Services like UBER, Lyft, and taxis have made it easier for many people to avoid drunk driving charges. However, it is still possible for a person to misjudge his or her sobriety. Tennessee residents who have been accused of drunk driving could benefit consulting with an attorney in their area. Defendants may stand a better chance of receiving a favorable verdict with the help of a seasoned legal professional.  

Source:, “Report: Robberies down, DUI up on Tennessee college campuses“, David Royer and Troy Washington, March 15, 2018