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April 2018 Archives

Tennessee wrong-way driver facing drunk driving charge

A man out on bond on charges involving the deaths of two women was recently arrested for crashing his vehicle while driving the wrong way for a second time. The Tennessee resident -- who is facing 18 charges including drunk driving -- was arrested in 2015 for a similar incident in which two women lost their lives. The accused has also been charged with felony reckless endangerment with a vehicle, simple possession of a schedule IV substance, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.

Drug charges filed after man hides narcotics in his body

Authorities say they found crack cocaine in a male suspect's rectum during the booking process after a recent drug bust. The accused was one of three Tennessee men taken into custody, all of whom are facing drug charges. On a search warrant, police claim to have seized thousands in counterfeit money and narcotics at a local business. Cops say they also found about a pound of cannabis, digital scales, a number of Adderall pills and pot in the toilet, leading them to believe the suspects tried to get rid of the stash by flushing it.

Man charged with drunk driving after fluid leads police to him

A 32-year-old man is facing a DUI charge after a fluid trail from a crash site led police to him. The Tennessee resident and facilities manager of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration was charged with drunk driving and operating a motor vehicle without a license. The authorities allegedly found his vehicle, which was involved in a hit and run, in the maintenance shop of the horse celebration grounds. A trail of fluid leaking from the vehicle made the search easy.

5 Tennessee teens arrested on drug charges

A motel in Lakeland was the site of the recent arrest of five teens. The five were part of a drug bust right across the way from a former sex trafficking site from which a teenager was rescued last summer. The Tennessee teens were allegedly using the motel room to party with kids as young as 14 and to sell drugs. Four males and one female -- all aged 18 and 19 -- were arrested on drug charges and weapons charges.

4 injured in Tennessee drunk driving episode

A 52-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated and injuring four people, three of whom were transported to the hospital. The Tennessee resident was charged with drunk driving after allegedly running into two separate vehicles. He is also facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury, vehicular assault (four counts), reckless endangerment and failing to yield the right of way. This is the third DUI charge for the accused. 

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