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4 injured in Tennessee drunk driving episode

| Apr 2, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

A 52-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated and injuring four people, three of whom were transported to the hospital. The Tennessee resident was charged with drunk driving after allegedly running into two separate vehicles. He is also facing charges of leaving the scene of an accident causing injury, vehicular assault (four counts), reckless endangerment and failing to yield the right of way. This is the third DUI charge for the accused. 

The accused was spotted by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer just past 2:30 a.m., operating his vehicle on the wrong side of the road. He apparently was also speeding. The authorities say he was driving erratically over four lanes of highway and at more than 70 mph when the speed limit was 35. He struck the two vehicles in an intersection.

He left the scene, but his vehicle soon tanked at which point he was arrested by police who said the accused smelled of alcohol. He is being held in custody. His bond is set at $17,000.

Drunk driving charges are extremely serious and usually need the help of an experienced Tennessee attorney to fight. A lawyer may be able to offer advice after reviewing the evidence in his or her client’s case. A lawyer may find that a Breathalyzer or blood test was inappropriately administered or that his or her client wasn’t taken into custody to the letter of the law. In any case, an attorney may be able to help his or her client aggressively fight a drunk driving charge and obtain the best result in court for his or her clients.

Source:, “Man charged, 3 sent to hospital in drunk driving incident“, Rosana Hughes L, March 25, 2018