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5 Tennessee teens arrested on drug charges

| Apr 10, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A motel in Lakeland was the site of the recent arrest of five teens. The five were part of a drug bust right across the way from a former sex trafficking site from which a teenager was rescued last summer. The Tennessee teens were allegedly using the motel room to party with kids as young as 14 and to sell drugs. Four males and one female — all aged 18 and 19 — were arrested on drug charges and weapons charges.

Police were tipped off about the party room, and when they showed up, they apparently found the teens in possession of prescription Xanax pills and marijuana. The cops also found a stolen handgun in the car of one of the accused males. The serial number on the .22-caliber had been scratched off.

The motel where the incident happened is close to a playground and the room overlooks the park, according to police records. Parents were in that park playing with their children when the arrests took place. Neighbors have gone on record saying the derelict places have no place in the neighborhood and should be torn down.

Those facing drug charges are in serious hot water and would do well to get the help of legal counsel. A Tennessee attorney may be able to help his or her client to mount the most aggressive defense possible after reviewing all the evidence and assessing whether the accused was arrested in accordance with the law. An attorney may also be able to work with the prosecutor on his or her client’s behalf to lessen any imposed sentence, if not having the charges dropped entirely.

Source:, “Five teens arrested in drug bust at Lakeland motel“, Nina Harrelson, March 31, 2018