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Drug charges filed after man hides narcotics in his body

| Apr 24, 2018 | Drug Charges |

Authorities say they found crack cocaine in a male suspect’s rectum during the booking process after a recent drug bust. The accused was one of three Tennessee men taken into custody, all of whom are facing drug charges. On a search warrant, police claim to have seized thousands in counterfeit money and narcotics at a local business. Cops say they also found about a pound of cannabis, digital scales, a number of Adderall pills and pot in the toilet, leading them to believe the suspects tried to get rid of the stash by flushing it.

Each man denied ownership of the drugs, so police slapped charges on all of them. They have been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to resell, possession with intent to resell a Schedule II drug, tampering with evidence and possession of drug paraphernalia. One of the men was also charged with criminal simulation when the authorities allegedly found $52,000 of counterfeit bills in his vehicle.

During a search, Davidson County Sheriff’s deputies supposedly found 33 grams of crack in the rectum of one of the accused men. He apparently gave arresting officers a false name. He has also been charged with identity theft and possession of a contraband in jail.

A Tennessee criminal attorney can provide assistance to those who will need to defend drug charges. There may be a number of defenses available against such charges, and a lawyer may be able to use them in his or her client’s unique situation. The prosecutor must prove each and every element of the crimes charged in court and beyond a reasonable doubt, a burden that is set intentionally high so as to avoid the possibility that innocent people may be convicted. 

Source: Nashville TN Patch, “Man Found With Crack In Rectum After Jefferson Street Bust: MNPD“, J.R. Lind, April 19, 2018