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Ways Tennessee teachers can help children of divorce

Teachers play a significant role in the lives of their students. Astute educators can usually spot when a child is going through a rough time as some kids do when their parents are in the throes of divorce. Tennessee teachers are in a position to help these kids perhaps more than they realize. Sometimes all these children need is some compassion and understanding.

Business ownership and divorce

Married couples face a variety of difficulties on a daily basis. Spouses must learn to live with one another and adjust to each other's personality quirks as well as their work schedules. However, as some Tennessee residents may have discovered, there are times when the stress of work can become too much for couples to overcome and divorce often follows that realization. 

Common steps taken during a divorce

Ending a marriage is tough and is often associated with a laundry list of consequences. Between divvying up marital assets or working out a parenting plan, it may seem like one is facing one battle after another. For Tennessee residents considering divorce, understanding all the steps within the divorce process can help better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

Preparing your finances for divorce

For some couples, divorce is inevitable, despite the multiple attempts to keep the family together, often including numerous counseling sessions. The breakup of a marriage is rarely easy, regardless of the reasoning behind it. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial for Tennessee residents to prepare all finances before an upcoming divorce.

Preparing for a divorce court appearance

Despite the fact that the divorce rate is high in Tennessee and across the country, few people appearing before a family court judge have had previous experience in such a setting. The procedure is quite different from the dramas of television and movies, and although a judge may understand that the participants are unfamiliar with what is expected of them, he or she likely won't have the time or patience to tutor the couples on proper courtroom decorum. It will help couples heading to divorce court to understand some basic expectations.

Thinking it through before deciding to divorce

Like getting married, bringing a marriage to an end is not a decision to make without careful consideration. Divorce is stressful, and its consequences can be long-lasting, so making a hasty decision can mean living with years of struggle and regret. Marriage experts often encourage Tennessee couples to carefully examine the situation as it is now and how it will be after a divorce before rushing to file papers.

Study connects divorce to teenage drama

As if teenagers did not have enough making them feel insecure, a new study reveals that they may contribute to the demise of their parents' marriages. The study examined data collected by Dutch researchers to determine how children factor into their parents' divorces, and the results were surprising. Parents in Tennessee who are dealing with the drama of teen children may find the information useful in their efforts to preserve their marriages.

Divorce doesn't have to mean tension for kids returning to school

The normal stress of the back-to-school season may be felt even more when parents are divorced. While support payments may cover typical expenses such as clothing and shoes, other expenses and decisions may become a source of contention if parents are not prepared to work as a team despite the divorce. As difficult as it may be, family advocates urge Tennessee parents to share as much of the planning and provide as much financial, administrative and emotional support as possible throughout the school year.

Don't let divorce throw a wrench in retirement funding

When a Tennessee couple is considering divorcing, one of the most important aspects of the decision-making process involves the financial ramifications of ending the marriage. For those who are nearing retirement age, this can be an especially difficult decision to make. Most couples plan for retirement under the assumption that they will move through their later years as a unit, helping to support and care for each other. When a divorce occurs, those plans are suddenly shattered, and both spouses have to approach their retirement planning as individuals.

Tennessee divorce may follow signs in a struggling marriage

Most marriages in Tennessee go through rough times when spouses may find it hard to communicate with each other or strongly disagree on issues that are important to them. Some are able to push through the struggles and emerge on the other side with their relationships intact. Others, however, may wonder when to continue the good fight and when it is time to initiate a divorce.

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