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Providing Clients Information On Same-Sex Divorces

In the past, a same-sex divorce was often difficult and sometimes would not be granted at all because not all states recognized same-sex marriage as legal. However, now that same-sex marriage is legal all throughout the country, same-sex divorce is becoming more common. The basics of the divorce process are the same, but there can be several challenges to address.

With our legal team at the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz on your side, you can be confident that your divorce will be handled with compassion while keeping your best interests in mind. Led by Knoxville, Tennessee, attorney Allen E. Schwartz, we approach same-sex divorce and other family law matters using more than 40 years of experience.

How Couples Handled Same-Sex Divorce In The Past

For couples who married when same-sex marriage was legal in only a few different states, getting divorced quickly became problematic. These couples often found that the state they lived in would not recognize their marriage, even though it was legal in the state where they went to get married. Because of that, children born or adopted during the marriage had to “belong” to just one of the partners, not both. That led to child custody problems when divorce became imminent and stopped some parents from seeing their children.

Legalization Throughout The United States Changed Things

When same-sex marriage was legalized throughout the U.S., it became possible for spouses married in any state to get a same-sex divorce as well. That made it easier in some ways, but also made it more difficult. Because some spouses were told that their marriages didn’t exist in a particular state, they married other people. If they were then found to have a legal marriage to their first spouse, their second marriage could be rendered void and they would have to divorce that first spouse. That caused a lot of confusion and upset and has made it a struggle for many same-sex couples who want to end their marriages.

Hiring The Right Lawyer Matters

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