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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

A new kind of child custody agreement

Divorced couples in Tennessee with children know that scheduling can often be an issue. Children are often passed between parents and must adjust and readjust to different places and schedules on a regular basis. However, there are some families who are finding new ways to handle their child custody agreements. 

Are you prepared to win child custody?

Child custody cases tend to be more contentious and stressful than other types of family law proceedings. Some parents may strive to win sole custody while others push for joint custody. Whatever the case may be, most courts will often lean toward joint custody as the best outcome for the child or children involved. Tennessee parents who are focused on being awarded sole custody of their child could benefit from understanding what the courts look for  when determining who the better parent is.

Unwed fathers may have to battle to win child custody rights

Unwed fathers may be at a disadvantage. If a man's relationship with his former partner is strained, a father may not even realize he has a child. When he discovers he is a father, he may not understand that he has certain rights that must be protected if he hopes to establish a bond with the child or obtain child custody. Along with those rights, however, go important responsibilities.

Child custody options for Thanksgiving holiday

For many families in Tennessee, Thanksgiving extends beyond the fourth Thursday in November. The weekend following Thanksgiving may be full of other traditions, such as visiting extended family, putting up decorations or beginning holiday shopping. However, for divorced parents, those days may be a source of contention and frustration when child custody issues arise.

Child custody dispute over vaccination order

When parents divorce, they often have many crucial decisions to make about the future of their children. More often, parents can arrive at those decisions without the need for litigation or protracted courtroom battles. Nevertheless, even child custody decisions made outside a Tennessee courtroom need approval of a judge to be legally binding. One mother in another state recently lost many custody rights after violating such a court order.

Child custody includes structure and cooperation

While many divorced Tennessee couples think the divorce was the most difficult thing to get through, they soon learn otherwise when the real work of co-parenting begins. Child custody agreements only go so far, and the nitty gritty of raising children in two separate households often requires a skillful balancing act. Some child experts have pinpointed the most common mistakes divorced parents make that add anxiety and frustration to their children's lives. Learning to avoid these mistakes may reduce the element of stress for the children.

Parenting disagreements may form basis of child custody disputes

A new baby in the home brings great joy and satisfaction. However, babies also change the dynamics of a household, especially for first-time parents. Tennessee parents may read books and seek advice about how to deal with the issues of raising children, but ultimately, they must make the decisions as a couple. Unfortunately, some of those decisions create enough stress in a marriage to result in divorce. When this happens those child-raising conflicts may play out through child custody battles.

Making child custody stress-free for children

Family counselors recommend that divorced parents maintain as much stability for their children as possible. After all, the children are likely already feeling out of sorts with the separation, especially if child custody rulings include traveling frequently between the Tennessee homes of their parents. As difficult as it may be, keeping open and respectful communication with an ex-spouse will be important. Children quickly resent being messengers between their warring parents, and the ability to communicate well with a co-parent may ensure more consistency in parenting styles.

Resolving child custody issues for summer vacation

If there is one thing children in Tennessee look forward to, it is summer vacation. Being off from school and free to enjoy days of leisure is what kids work for all year long. For divorced parents, however, the approach of summer may bring anxiety and uncertainty, especially if their child custody agreement does not include plans for vacations or summer trips. However, it does not have to be that way if the parents are willing to work out a reasonable arrangement.

3 ways to keep child custody discussions from becoming battles

Child custody cases can be some of the most difficult cases in family law. Between the negative feelings parents often have about each other and the fears of losing the relationship with a child, custody cases can leave everyone scared and willing to fight tooth-and-nail for what they want.

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