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4 tips for talking to your spouse about divorce

Many couples will eventually reach a breaking point in their relationship where the only option might be to end things. Perhaps you and your husband have been trying for years to make it work, but, despite your efforts, it has been impossible to get your marriage back on track. The only thing left for you to do might be to file for divorce.

Yes, food with alcohol baked in can result in a DUI

It's long been a myth that you can't get drunk from eating foods that have been cooked with alcohol. "The alcohol burns off!" is what most people believe. The truth is that it's unlikely that all the alcohol put into a dish will bake off, and that's bad news if you plan to drive.

Is your teenage son or daughter shoplifting?

Some kids seem to glide through the teen years with the wind at their backs and sails billowing high. Others get stuck trying to paddle upstream. While it may be impossible — and likely unwise — to rush to your teens' rescues every time they make a stagger step, parents can still be strong deterrents against teen lawbreaking.

Here's what you should know about marital property in Tennesse

During the course of a marriage, especially one that lasts a decade or more, it is typical for each spouse to accumulate money, property and various assets: for example, the house you purchased in Knoxville after your wedding, the furniture in it, your cars and even your retirement accounts. All of these items typically fall under the category of marital property. Now that you are considering divorce, you and your future ex-husband will have to divide this property.

Debunking 3 alcohol myths

Drinking and driving is a crime, yet people still do it and fairly frequently. Sometimes, people drive drunk because they're misinformed. There are many different myths about drinking alcohol that need to be debunked, from thinking coffee makes you sober to believing mixing drinks have no negative effect on your blood alcohol concentration.

How to protect your financial assets during a divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved. Emotions are often hard to manage, stress levels are elevated, and that’s true even if the dissolution of the relationship is reasonably amicable. Still, there is no guarantee of a friendly breakup. And even if things start out on congenial terms, the atmosphere often becomes hostile when it’s time to sort out asset distribution, alimony, and matters related to children – support, custody, and visitation.

Divorce: It's never black or white, but apparently may be gray

Something happened in Tennessee and throughout the nation between 1990 and 2010. A new trend developed and became so common that the media and others applied a colloquial term to it. It has to do with divorce, more specifically, people over age 50 who file for it in court. It's known as gray divorce, and the number of people seeking it doubled in just 20 years.

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