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Posts tagged "Drug Charges"

Drug charges filed after responding to a suspicious persons call

A recent call to police in Tennessee to report two suspicious people ultimately led to an arrest. Along with other charges, a man is facing drug charges after law enforcement searched his car. Reportedly, police responded to a store after receiving a call from the manager at 4:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning.

Drug charges for couple accused of intent to distribute

Law enforcement agents understand that those transporting drugs often undertake such risky behavior because they are in desperate situations. Sometimes they may be struggling financially or have a drug addiction of their own to support. Nevertheless, police will likely arrest those trying to bring drugs into Tennessee, and facing drug charges will certainly not help an already difficult situation.

Couple faces drug charges after warrantless search of hotel room

When police obtain evidence of a crime, they must abide by laws that protect the rights of the accused. For example, searches of people's property must follow certain procedures, such as obtaining a warrant or the permission of the resident of the premises. Recently, police in Nashville entered a hotel room without a warrant and collected evidence that led to drug charges against the residents.

Tennessee waitress facing drug charges

In the restaurant business, bad service can mean the demise of an establishment. One Tennessee restaurant is now dealing with the backlash of an incident involving one of its waitresses. While the incident may have brought bad press to the restaurant, the waitress is now facing drug charges, which could alter the course of her life.

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