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Are you prepared to win child custody?

Child custody cases tend to be more contentious and stressful than other types of family law proceedings. Some parents may strive to win sole custody while others push for joint custody. Whatever the case may be, most courts will often lean toward joint custody as the best outcome for the child or children involved. Tennessee parents who are focused on being awarded sole custody of their child could benefit from understanding what the courts look for  when determining who the better parent is.

Many parents, seeking full custodial rights tend to walk into the court room assuming they are the better fit parent. To win sole custody of a child, a parent will typically need to show a tremendous amount of proof to a judge on why the parent believes he or she is the best choice and why the other parent is not. Evidence focusing on factors such as the child's physical and psychological well-being is a great start at possibly swaying the judge's ruling in your favor.

Yes, food with alcohol baked in can result in a DUI

It's long been a myth that you can't get drunk from eating foods that have been cooked with alcohol. "The alcohol burns off!" is what most people believe. The truth is that it's unlikely that all the alcohol put into a dish will bake off, and that's bad news if you plan to drive.

While alcohol will bake off in some instances, like during a slow-cooking process, it's more likely that alcohol will remain, especially if it's added as one of the last ingredients or after baking is complete.

Preparing your finances for divorce

For some couples, divorce is inevitable, despite the multiple attempts to keep the family together, often including numerous counseling sessions. The breakup of a marriage is rarely easy, regardless of the reasoning behind it. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial for Tennessee residents to prepare all finances before an upcoming divorce.

The divorce process can be terrifying, especially when the topic of money is presented. Readying your finances beforehand can help lessen the potential mess. Begin by tracking income and monthly expenses along with any financial records. Knowing what is coming in and what is going out can help determine how assets and debts are divided.

Police raid leads to multiple drug charges for 2 individuals

In Tennessee and across the country, drug charges are a pretty common offense. Whether an individual is found to be in possession of an illegal drug or has an intent to sell the drug, the potential criminal penalties can be devastating. After a recent drug bust at an apartment complex, two Carroll County residents are now facing multiple drug charges and the possibility of significant penalties if found guilty.

After reportedly receiving multiple tips from an anonymous source along with the resident's permission to search the apartment, officers located and seized bags of methamphetamine along with syringes, marijuana, Xanax bars and digital scales. He was charged with felony possession of schedule II drugs with the intent to sell along with drug paraphernalia possession. To help fight these charges, it will be important to determine the precise amount of the substance that police claim is illegal as that may impact the potential penalties that could be imposed should a conviction be secured later in criminal court.

Tennessee bus driver facing drunk driving charges

Throughout the school year, thousands of Tennessee students ride the school bus each day. While most bus drivers are honored to provide this service to students, the daily obstacles and amount of responsibility can sometimes take a toll, leading to poor judgment and decisions. Just recently, a Portland school bus driver was fired over drunk driving accusations.

Portland police reported that a local bus driver called dispatch to report feelings of illness and requested assistance. The driver was told to park the bus and wait until authorities arrived. Another area bus driver headed to the scene to assist and transfer students to another bus. Upon the safe transfer of all students, the accused driver was advised to stay on the scene until police arrived.

Traffic stop leads to several drug charges for Paris man

Possession, distribution, and the manufacturing of illicit drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are restricted in the state of Tennessee. Convictions for these drug charges can lead to harsh sentences and often prison time. Tennessee residents who are arrested on drug charges have many options available to them when it comes to a defense strategy.

In a recent traffic stop, a Paris man was arrested and detained on several drug charges. A trooper uncovered a variety of controlled substances within the vehicle and charged the driver with four counts of possession with the intent to sell, manufacture and deliver. Bond was set for the individual at $15,000 for each of the four drug charges.

Is your teenage son or daughter shoplifting?

Some kids seem to glide through the teen years with the wind at their backs and sails billowing high. Others get stuck trying to paddle upstream. While it may be impossible — and likely unwise — to rush to your teens' rescues every time they make a stagger step, parents can still be strong deterrents against teen lawbreaking.

Shoplifting isn't a thrill — it's a crime

Unwed fathers may have to battle to win child custody rights

Unwed fathers may be at a disadvantage. If a man's relationship with his former partner is strained, a father may not even realize he has a child. When he discovers he is a father, he may not understand that he has certain rights that must be protected if he hopes to establish a bond with the child or obtain child custody. Along with those rights, however, go important responsibilities.

The unwed father must establish paternity; otherwise, the mother has no obligation to allow him to communicate with the child or make any decisions about the care and well-being of the child. If the mother names the man on the child's birth certificate, the law accepts that he is the biological father. If his name is omitted from the birth certificate, the father can acknowledge paternity by completing the appropriate documentation with the local health department in Tennessee.

Man faces 2nd drunk driving charge after tragic accident

Tennessee drivers usually understand the risks of driving late at night. Visibility is low, and there is always the danger of becoming drowsy or encountering drowsy or otherwise impaired drivers along the way. One man is now facing drunk driving charges following a late-night accident that left a family in mourning.

It was nearly 3 a.m. when a 32-year-old woman was driving along the interstate with her two children in the car. For unknown reasons, the woman's car veered from its lane, and the woman was apparently unable to regain control of the vehicle. It clipped a tractor-trailer and skidded across the lanes of the highway, coming to rest in an outside lane. There, according to media reports, a pickup truck driven by a 30-year-old man collided with the disabled vehicle on the passenger side.

Preparing for a divorce court appearance

Despite the fact that the divorce rate is high in Tennessee and across the country, few people appearing before a family court judge have had previous experience in such a setting. The procedure is quite different from the dramas of television and movies, and although a judge may understand that the participants are unfamiliar with what is expected of them, he or she likely won't have the time or patience to tutor the couples on proper courtroom decorum. It will help couples heading to divorce court to understand some basic expectations.

A great deal is riding on this one appearance before a judge. Decisions will be made that affect the lives of the participants for years to come. Although the situation may be new, and one may feel anxious, it is important for participants to remain calm and present a good first appearance. One way to alleviate much anxiety is to arrive on time. Showing up late for anything places one in an awkward and frenzied state, so experts recommend knowing the location of the courthouse ahead of time and arriving well before the scheduled appearance.

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