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Sex Crime Lawyer - Knoxville, TN

Defending The Accused Against Sex Crime Charges

If you or a loved one is under investigation for a sex offense, act quickly to obtain help from a skilled criminal defense attorney. A sex crime conviction could ultimately destroy your life, with prison time a real possibility. Registering as a sex offender could also restrict future job opportunities and living arrangements.

When the stakes against you are high, entrust a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz. We are a skilled sex crime defense firm in Knoxville offering more than 40 years of experience. Our defense strategy will begin with a detailed investigation into the evidence obtained against you. We will evaluate the facts from every angle to protect your civil rights and mitigate any potential damages.

Constructing Your Defense

Attorney Allen E. Schwartz devotes substantial time and resources conducting detailed investigations into sex crime charges. When appropriate, his investigation includes consulting relatives, family friends and other credible sources to try and uncover any inconsistencies in the plaintiff’s story.

Sex crime defense strategies are very fact-specific. Our firm will try to reveal any questionable evidence or patterns of lying by the alleged victim. Our strategy also depends on expert testimony. We will consult industry-leading experts, including psychologists, to try and counteract the serious charges against you, including:

  • Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

  • Child Molestation

  • Child Pornography and Online Solicitation

  • Computer & Internet Sex Crimes

  • Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

  • Prostitution & Solicitation

  • Rape

  • Statutory Rape and other Sex Crimes Involving Minors

  • Sexual Assault

If you are accused of committing a computer sex crime, we will work with Internet specialists and computer experts to develop a defense strategy. We will track when the illegal activity occurred on your computer. Our firm will fight for a dismissal or reduced charges, if your computer was hacked into or someone else in your household used your operating system to conduct illegal activity.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

Our lawyer and staff will fight for reduced penalties, if a conviction is unavoidable. When appropriate, we will consult psychologists to show you do not pose a future risk to society. We will also fight for less jail time based on your clean record or the positive steps you have taken to get help.

Contact A Sex Crime Attorney For Help


Our firm will defend your rights at every stage of the process. If you need reliable legal advice and results-oriented representation from a defense attorney with over 40 years of experience successfully fighting sex crimes in Tennessee, contact our office today for a free and confidential consultation. Let our over 40 years of experience work for you - call TODAY for help!

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