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Modification Lawyer - Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Child Support Modification Attorney

Even after a divorce decree has been issued, serious disputes can arise. Circumstances change — jobs are lost, ex-spouses move away, expensive medical conditions develop — making it necessary to take a second look at the conditions of the divorce.

For more than 40 years, the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz has offered effective representation for clients in complex divorces throughout the Knoxville metropolitan area. Attorney Allen E. Schwartz is an experienced family law attorney offering a substantial background advocating to secure our clients’ best interests in post-divorce disputes over:

  • Modifications to child custody agreements

  • Increases in visitation and parenting time rights

  • Increases or decreases in alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance

  • Child support modifications and child support enforcement

  • Contempt petitions when someone does not follow a court order

If you need an experienced family law attorney to fight for what is fair in any post-divorce action, enlist our law firm to protect your rights. We understand that a divorce can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. Revisiting custody, visitation and support issues can reopen old wounds. We are proud to offer personalized attention and individual solutions, examining each issue in a realistic and logical manner and working hard to achieve a fair result.

If you have modification or child support modification concerns - contact us for help!

Contact A Knoxville Modification Lawyer For Help 

To discuss your situation and your legal options contact the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz. Our belief is that a straightforward approach combined with personal attention and a detailed knowledge of the law and how the legal system works are the keys to success. Let our over 40 years of experience work for you - call TODAY for help!

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