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Order of Protection Lawyer - Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, Tennessee, has seen a surge in orders of protection to shield individuals against stalking and domestic abuse. This is a complicated area of the law often involving emotional disputes between couples. If you fear for your safety, secure help immediately from an experienced order of protection attorney.

At the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz in Knoxville, Tennessee, we offer more than 40 years of experience handling family disputes. Attorney Allen E. Schwartz’s background includes both defending and prosecuting domestic violence claims. He presently serves as a special master in 4th Circuit Family Court in Knoxville, Tennessee. Under his guidance, our firm can help you navigate through the criminal justice system and protect your civil rights.

Domestic Violence Allegations And Restraining Orders

Charges of domestic violence often stem from hotly contested divorce proceedings. Mr. Schwartz is both a criminal defense and family law attorney. We understand the emotional roller coaster of family disagreements. Our top priority is to protect your safety.

We will act quickly to help you obtain an order of protection if you or your children are victims of verbal or physical abuse. The order of protection will be put into effect immediately to remove your partner or spouse from your home. Your alleged abuser will lose his or her right to carry a weapon.

Even if you are not in a relationship with your abuser, we can seek protection orders against stalkers. We will aggressively pursue jail time for 10 days if the opposing party violated the protection order’s terms.

Defending Against False Domestic Abuse Allegations

Unfortunately, allegations of domestic violence are sometimes exaggerated to gain an upper hand in divorce and child custody proceedings. Mr. Schwartz is a skilled criminal defense attorney prepared to defend your rights. He will conduct a thorough investigation into the evidence against you.

When appropriate, our firm will interview family friends, relatives or neighbors to uncover any inconsistencies or false statements in the police reports. We will advocate for the restraining order to be lifted based on your innocence.

Contact A Knoxville Order Of Protection Attorney 

If you need the sound legal advice of and experienced and respected attorney, contact the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz. Our belief is that a straightforward approach combined with personal attention and a detailed knowledge of the law and how the legal system works are the keys to building a successful legal practice. Let our over 40 years of experience work for you - call TODAY for help!

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