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Paternity Lawyer - Knoxville, TN

Knoxville Paternity / Parentage Attorney

Each child has the right to the physical, mental, emotional, and financial support of his or her parents. Each child has these rights, whether their parents are married or unmarried.


Establishing paternity is important for enforcing parental rights. It is also necessary for child support and other financial issues, as well as parental allocation of responsibilities, such as making major regarding the child’s education, extra-curricular activities, health, and religion.

Normally there are two different reasons that could lead you to seek out a family law attorney for help with paternity legal issues.

1) A child’s mother may want to legally establish her child’s paternity in order to have the father obligated to pay for child support. Women might not list a father on the child’s birth certificate. This can be a problem if she is unable to financially provide for her child without court-ordered child support from the father.

2) A child’s father may want to establish his own paternity in order to gain visitation or custody rights to a child. This allows him to have a say in the child’s upbringing - including issues like schooling, religion and medical care, etc.

Contact A Knoxville Paternity Lawyer For Help 

To discuss your paternity situation and your legal options contact the Law Office of Allen E. Schwartz. Let our over 40 years of experience work for you - call TODAY for help!

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